Nineteen Eight-Four (1984) Review | Free Download PDF | EPUB | MOBI

Nineteen Eight-Four 1984 download pdf free cover

Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984), by George Orwell is perhaps the most famous dystopias ever written in history. On reading 1984 pdf, you understand it is one of the most intense book ever read by anybody. It unmistakably carries the literary traditions of the early storytellers. Using the concept of utopia, Orwell had effectively distorted it to […]

Lord of the Flies Review | Free Download PDF | EPUB | MOBI


I just read the Lord of the Flies pdf. It is the Nobel Prize winning dystopian novel which was first published in 1954. This classic novel has been immensely popular and had sold millions of copies worldwide. Today the book has not only been translated to all major languages but also in many minority languages […]

Gone Girl Review | Free Download PDF | EPUB | MOBI


The thriller, Gone Girl, written by Gillian Flynn is one of the best sellers and has been turned into a movie. The psychological thriller is written in a fast paced, yet devilishly dark and ingeniously plotted thriller. The Gone Girl review has been great with most readers finding it engrossing and cleverly plotted. Flynn takes […]

Fahrenheit 451 Review | Free Download PDF | EPUB | MOBI


Ray Bradbury has written hundreds of stories but mostly all Fahrenheit 451 review deems it as his one of the best works. A fine example of dystopian fiction, it reflects a near-future America where the books are banned and the population is satisfied with cheap, shallow entertainment. First published in 1953, the novel showcases Bradbury’s […]

American Sniper Review | Free Download PDF | EPUB | MOBI


The “American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History” is a captivating, thrilling and emotional journey of a legendary US Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, who has over 250 kills on his name, of which over 160 has been confirmed by the Department of Defense. Referred to as ‘Legend”, a name […]